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TEKSO-RODS Copper Bonded Rod outer conductor layer is low-impedance copper and the center is higher impedance steel; the effect given by TEKSO-RODS is greater than that given by ordinary copper conductors permitting greater span lengths than with copper due to the inseparable union of the two metals.


It deters theft since copper recovery is impractical and thus has very little scrap value. Installations with TEKSO-RODS generally recognized as fulfilling the required specifications for a good ground. For this reason it is used with preference by utilities, oil and Gas companies when cost is a concern.

TEKSO-RODS Copper Bonded Rod is making for spatially long lasting maintenance free earthing system and corrosion resistance while providing the lowest resistance to ground. Preventing exposure of the steel core to soil and moisture, the TEKSO-RODS Copper Bonded Rod is suitably treated to prevent oxidation.

TEKSO-RODS (Copper Cladded Steel Rod) are available as per UL standard 8 Ft & 10 Ft length suitable for all soil condition. The electrode is 5/8 or 3/4 dia MS Rod with 250 micron of copper cladding which is tested & certified in our laboratory.

The electrode cab be used standalone or Delta connection or as part of any multiple electrode system. Recommend Tri-Pod connection for better ohmic value (less than 1 Ohm) and 20 years life in all soil condition, even if area is Rock or sandy.

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