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The protection of internal networks (electrical, low current) and equipment against transient over voltages very important and is based on the use of voltage surge protectors, and consists principally of: Stopping the destructive energy as far upstream as possible of the equipment by giving it a special route to earth Preventing the appearance of destructive over voltages on equipment by limiting them to levels that are compatible with the equipment thus minimizing the effects of induction due to the fields generated by the flow of lighting currents.

In the case of electrical systems, voltage surge protectors are generally installed in tap-off configuration (in parallel) between the live conductors and the earth (see diagram below). The operating principle of voltage surge protectors can be likened to that of a circuit breaker: – In normal use (no over voltage): the voltage surge protector is similar to an open circuit breaker.When there is an over voltage, the voltage surge protector becomes active and discharges the lightning current to earth. It can be likened to the closing of a circuit breaker which would short-circuit the electrical

network with the earth via the equipotential earthing system and the exposed conductive parts for a very brief instant, limited to the duration of the over voltage. For the user, the operation of the voltage surge protector is totally transparent as it only lasts a tiny fraction of a second.When the over voltage has been discharged, the voltage surge protector automatically returns to its normal state (circuit breaker open).

We Elsafe Protection and Control systems facilitates the best in class Surge protection devices in all class I, CLASS 2, CLASS 3 for all types of appliances and circuits.



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