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ELSAFE, A Renowned Company specialized towards enduring electrical safety cultures across a wide range of markets. We specialize in a total electrical safety model which includes Quality lightning protection system, surge protection system & quality low resistivity Earthing. The products & services provided from our side have been consolidated to “Reliability, Innovation, Safety, Protection & Control”. The company today is a specialized house for Lightning Protection system, Surge protection system, Maintenance Free Earthing solution, Exothermic Welding.

Clouds to ground strikes are the most dangerous form of lightning for property and more importantly human life. Lightning Protection Systems increase the safety of properties, structures and surrounding areas by offering the energy from a lightning strike an easy path to ground, where it is safely dispersed.

Each year lightning is recorded as the cause of injury or death for thousands of people. While over 10% are killed by lightning, 70% are seriously injured. Those that survive are often left with lifelong.

It is estimated that every year, lightning is responsible for billions of rupees of damage in the India alone. This figure is believed to be growing as IT systems and communication networks become more important to business and their usage expands.

The immense current caused by a lightning strike generates a large amount of heat.Less heat is generated when this current travels along a conductive material with low electrical resistance. Air is not a good conductor compared to other materials like copper so as the massive lightning currents travel through it, it becomes super-heated to temperatures 3.5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. This burst of enormous heat produces an intense flash of light and causes a shock wave of thundering sound.

If lightning does this to air, imagine what it can do to the unprotected structure of your property. The electrical charge in lightning is always seeking the path of least resistance to ground. If lightning strikes a property the intense charge will search for the easiest route to ground no matter what it is; metal plumbing, pipes, radiators and taps, the wiring of a communications network and telephone system, metal railings on a stair well or the wiring carrying the mains electric that is not designed to carry such enormous loads. Anything touching or connecting to these objects is also highly likely to be injured or damaged. If the material carrying the current has too high an internal resistance the huge passing current, even though brief, will generate large amounts of heat causing primary damage by melting, igniting the conducting material or violently exploding it by rapidly expanding any air or moisture contained within. Secondary damage may also be caused by any resulting fire within the property, devastating contents within the building directly or from smoke damage.

With a lightning protection system properly installed the potentially dangerous current from a lightning strike is offered an easy and safe route to ground.

We Elsafe Protection and Control systems provides world class solutions with world class products for Lightning protection with a wide range of products from ALLTEC USA, LSG PROTECT and TEKSAI in Lightning protection ESE technology, CSE technology, Franklin Rod technology & Dissipation technology.


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